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Former Chase-Washington Mutual Branch Building to
become Bronx Council on the Art’s New Headquarters


The Bronx Council on the Arts (BCA) has been gifted the former Washington Mutual Bank Branch in Westchester Square by the JPMorgan Chase Foundation. The building will become BCA’s new headquarters and permanent home consolidating BCA’s three sites into one location. In 2015, the Bronx Council on the Arts will move to our newly renovated headquarters in Westchester Square located at 2700 E. Tremond Ave. at the corner of St. Raymond Ave.


BCA @ 2700  is  Arts, Culture & Community Engagement


• To better serve the needs of our arts and culture constituency, nearly 1.4 million Bronx residents, and public-at-large;

• To partner with Bronx Business Alliance and the Westchester Square Merchants Association in the revitalization of the Westchester Square Business District;

• To further the cultural development of The Bronx by leveraging our vast cultural assets, incubating and supporting artists, arts organizations and the creative industries of The Bronx.


Program Features


• Community arts planning and development;

• Bronx Writers Center – Expanded programs;

• Arts professional development and support;

• Cultural presentations, performances and exhibitions;

• Community, arts, grants, and grants to artists;

• Arts-related economic development ventures;

• Arts and Technology initiatives;

• Community planning activities.


BCA @ 2700
In 2015, the Bronx Council on the Arts will move to our newly renovated headquarters in
Westchester Square located at 2700 East Tremont Ave. at the corner of St. Raymond Ave.
HQ Building Quick Sheet

Building Development Process and Updates for BCA @ 2700 East Tremont Ave.

We were gifted the building in April, 2011 by JPMorgan Chase and it was formally announced by Mayor Bloomberg. In 2012 BCA began working with the necessary NYC agencies to plan and develop 2700 as our new headquarters. To date $3.5 million of capital funds have been raised through the NYC Council and NYC Department of Cultural Affairs. We hope to complete the building and move our entire administrative staff into our new accessible HQ location by mid-2015.

BCA @2700 is a NY City-funded building project

Coordinated and funded by the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, and NYC Department of Design and Construction (DDC), along with legislative support from the office of Councilman James Vacca and the Bronx Delegation.

We have selected an architectural firm - LTL Architects (

Our main team consists of Marc Tsurumaki, Partner and John Morrison, Associate at LTL. Agency guidance includes, Matthew Clarke, DCA, Alyssa Gerber, DDC, and Siglinda Stern, DDC. Also, on our team we have LEED engineers and professionals, heating and ventilation, plumbing and structural engineers, and more. BCA @2700 will be a LEED certified green building..

Design Development

We are now completing Design Development Review which should take us through summer 2013.

Building Construction

The Construction Documentation Review, Coordination and Procurement period is estimated to begin late summer 2013. The Construction period stages include design and construction plans, documentation, code and cost reviews, work and trade coordination meetings, legal reviews, permits and actual construction services.

Funding Updates

BCA has already raised a portion of the funding needed. We raised $2.5 million -- FY 2012 and $1 million -- FY 2013 thus far, however, we still require additional funding support to complete the building and meet public program and staffing needs.

Among the many essentials still outstanding that we are now fundraising for are: building-wide technology and wireless networks, ‘Flex Space’ staging and production fixtures for programs, completion and outfitting of the lower-level (AKA Basement) and computer digital media lab; equipment for the outdoor public program space; exterior lighting, and building security systems. The requested funds used to finish out the basement will ultimately make the ground floor, mezzanine, and basement floors all completely accessible to the public.


The Bronx Council on the Arts | Our Mission

A pioneering advocate for cultural equity, the Bronx Council on the Arts nurtures the development of a diverse array of artists and arts organizations, and builds strong cultural connections in and beyond the Bronx.

BCA @ 2700 Press

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04/07/11 Bronx Times Reporter: “Arts Center Opens: Bronx Council Given Bank Building"

04/07/11 Bronx Press Review: “Chase Donates $850,000 Building to BCA"

04/06/11 Real Estate Bis Now: “Chase Donates Former WaMu Building to BCA
04/06/11 “Mayor Bloomberg and Chase Join BCA to Announce Its New Home
04/06/11 WNYC: “Creativity meets Commerce: Arts Council Takes Over Bronx Bank

04/05/11 Daily News: “Bank Branches Out, Gives Building to Arts
04/04/11 WFUV: “BCA to Open New Headquarters
04/04/11 NY1: “JPMorgan Donates Free Building to Bronx Council on the Arts
04/04/11 Mayor’s Blue Room: “Mayor and Chase Join BCA to Announce Its New Home
04/04/11 Mayor Bloomberg and Chase Join BCA to Announce Its New Home






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