Digital Matrix Award-winning Artists

A Program of BCA's Longwood Arts Project

Digital Matrix had its online launch in 2006 as a means of commissioning artists who have a strong background and working practice in digital art. Using their technical expertise and artistic skills, they have the potential and vision to create innovative online and/or interactive projects.

Annually, there is an open call for submissions, as well as group of artists who will be invited to submit project proposals. An independent panel comprised of the Longwood staff and outside artists and arts professionals select four artists to receive a $4,000 honorarium and have up to six months to complete their projects. This new digital initiative will aim to serve as a catalyst for making the growing field of creative digital media an accessible resource to Bronx audiences.

dan k. williams
Carol Sun
Kenseth Armstead
Monika Bravo
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If you would like to be added to our award winning artists, please contact Phil Cardone

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