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BCA/DCA Arts Fund Final Report Form for Funding Period 2012-2013 is due February 24, 2014.

Your eligibility for continued consideration for funds from the Arts Fund Grant depends upon your
satisfactory completion of all contracts and repo
rts. Click here to download the report form.



BCA/DCA Arts Fund

2013-2014 BCA/DCA Arts Fund submission deadline is November 1, 2013, 4:00pm.


The BCA/DCA Arts Fund Regrant Program provides project support grants up to $5,000 for small arts organizations with budgets of $100,000 or less, and whose central mission is the production, preservation, publication, presentation or demonstration of one or more art forms. The grant will also support artist-initiated projects that have not taken place due to lack of funding or projects already scheduled for which additional funds would have a significant impact and demonstrate a community and/or public benefit. NEW: All artists applying must show income. Projects must be completed by no later than December 31, 2014.

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NOTE: Please make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader (Adobe Reader XI) installed on your computer, in order to complete, save and e-mail the application. Click here to download.



Tuesday | October 8, 2013 | 2:30pm

The Poe Visitor Center

2640 Grand Concourse
(at Kingsbridge Rd.)

Bronx, NY 10458

RSVP: 718-931-9500 x19

Thursday | October 10, 2013 | 4:00pm

BCA @ 2700

2700 East Tremont Avenue
(at St. Raymond Ave.)

Bronx, NY 10461

RSVP: 718-931-9500 x19

Tuesday | October 15, 2013 | 4pm

Bronx Community Board 12
4101 White Plains Road
Bronx, NY 10466

RSVP: 718-931-9500 x19



2012-2013 BCA/DCA Arts Fund Grantees



Ave Maria Cross, $5,000 History Lesson: Life stories of various historical people of the African Diaspora — their triumphs and tribulations — are dramatized in spoken words, dance and drama utilizing juxtaposition and flashback.


$5,000 Bardekova Ensemble Concerts: A series of concerts throughout the Bronx featuring Ellen Bardekov, Amy Frasier, Donald Mokrynski, Carolyn Clark, Yasmine Tetenbaum, Richard Paratley, Darla Coleman among others. Sites include Woodlawn Cemetary, Coop City,


Bobby Sanabria, $5,000 The Music of Rafael Hernandez: Concert honoring Puerto Rican composer Rafael Hernandez of the famed 369th Hellfighters Regimental Band during WW I.The project will produce a concert featuring modern big band Latin jazz arrangements of his most recognized compositions performed in a public concert.            

Dennis Redmoon Darkeem, $3,000 Trade Blanket: Trade Blanket will re-introduce the concept of trading and bartering items in the Bronx. Trade Blanket follows the tradition that indigenous east coast Native peoples have culturally retained of trading. Artist will lay hand-crafted items made by himself on blanket and invite spectators to participate by trading items and shaking hands to finalize the transaction.  Participants are allowed to trade any items they wish whether it be tangible or intangible, like story, song, and poetry. 


Freddy Sepulvida, $4,500 Inside the Recording Studios: Project will present students of the Bronx with a recording engineer program for those who are interested in producing, recording and mixing their own music. The program will infuse what students already know into a real professional studio environment.  Classes will begin March 6th and run through May 16, 2013. 

Guy Gonzales, $2,400 Global Gupit Gupit: Easter Creatures: The purpose of the Global Gupit Gupit: Easter Creature workshop, is a continuation of workshops I introduced last year at the Longwood Gallery, but with lessons reflecting the Easter holiday theme. Following the workshop, the student's projects will be displayed upon a separate exhibition, to be held at the Poe Park Space.


Howard Cash, $3,500 Opening Doors: An intergenerational exchange and dialogue between elders involved in the Civil Rights activities of the 1950s/60 and a representative of today’s young adults. The project will culminate in an exhibition of photography and video of the participating generations. 



Imani Vidal, $3,000 A Visual Narrative of Stolen Lives & Resurrection:  A Visual Narrative of Stolen Lives & Resurrection: The impact of Police Brutality on families in the Bronx is a film screening and photograph exhibition of Bronx families impacted by police brutality.


Ivan Velez, $3,500 Comic Culture: Comic Culture utilizes popular urban culture, Manga and American cartooning to build critical analytical thinking to go along with increased ability in writing, drawing and conceptualization. Classes will begin  n March 9, 2013 and go through May 11,2013.  

Jessica Danser, $4,500 The Proletariat Tales: A full evening dance performance which will incorporate original music composed by Karl Schwartz. Performance will take place at the Bronx Academy of Art and Dance in the Spring 2013. Projecty will then tour the Bronx.


Josie Gonzalez, $4,500 Intergenerational Mural Project: The project is a collaborative, intergenerational mural, and grew out of drawing and painting workshops that Ms. Gonzalez provided to the youth and seniors of Castle Hill


Milteri Tucker, $5,000 BOMBAZO workshop and performance series: Bombazo Free  Dance Workshop series, is dedicated to provide dance classes to the South Bronx Community, specifically for those who can not afford a dance education

Nancy Benignus, $4,000 Paper Arts for the Public - Instruction and Display: Artist will create and display paper art (including altered and handmade books) in public spaces and inspire and facilitate others in the act of creating art for themselves by facilitating 20 workshops (8 individual and 12 as three, 4-part series). 


Pedro Martinez, $5,000 Jazz Concerts in the Bronx: The project consists of two concerts. One concert will be in a public park and one in    a library The purpose is to expose my music to audiences that normally would not have the opportunity to listen to this type of music.

Ray Felix, $3,000 Fifth Annual Bronx Heroes Comic Con: The 5th Annual Bronx Heroes Comic Con (BXHCC5) is a two-day Ray Felix even occurring in May on Free Comic Book Day 2013. It is designed to serve three communities, Bronx residents, established Bronx comic book artists, and aspiring Bronx artists/writers.


Rosemarie Fiore, $5,000 Portrait Narrative Sculpture: Through participation in this project, students will learn both creative and formal/perceptual art skills.  They will understand 3-D sculpture processes using various sculptural materials such as clay, wood, plaster, collage, paper pulp and paper mache, and found object assemblage.

$5,000 Bronx Concert Singers 32nd Season: Funds will cover concerts' costs for their 32nd Season of performances consisting of "One World, Many Voices”, Sunday, May19, 2013, and "Holiday Concert" date to be determined. Both will take place at the St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1891 McGraw Avenue.


Full Circle Productions, $5,000 Innaviews- Ensemble version: A presentation of this new expanded version of "Innaviews" for February 14, 2013. The original duet with Kwik and Roka was originally performed in 2007 and received a positive review in The New York Times. For the premiere at Pregones, the original duet expands to include an ensemble of five dancers.



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