Arts forward

Arts Forward

In 1962 a group of visionary artists and arts advocates set out to insure the creative riches of the borough of The Bronx in New York City. Now, nearly 50 years later and boasting a national reputation for the advancement of careers in all arts disciplines, the BRONX COUNCIL ON THE ARTS (BCA) invites you to join our first-ever and always Arts Forward Campaign.

Arts Forward builds on BCA's unmatched record of DIRECT FINANCIAL SUPPORT FOR ARTISTS, and our consistent development of innovative, collaborative, and sustainable artist ventures, programs and projects. An initial challenge grant in the amount of $250,000 awarded by the prestigious Rockefeller Brothers Fund must be matched. We need you.


Q: How can I help strengthen BCA's legacy and make the Arts Forward Campaign a resounding success?

A: You can serve as a Campaign Leader or Event Host and by making or soliciting cash or pledges, commemorative gifts, and bequests.

The options are numerous — click here to give or call us today at 718-931-9500 x14.


Blanka Amezkua

Join BCA in supporting the arts

Fellowships, commissions, residencies, space grants, creative workforce initiatives, professional and organizational development, technical assistance — these are all part of BCA's comprehensive approach to fostering artistic growth.

We tackle this work with the same gusto that the artists show for their chosen craft. We also need arts and philanthropy minded collaborators to help fundraise for the Campaign.



Ray Felix


Call us today to arrange a private meeting and learn more about the Bronx Council on the Arts or please give through Network for Good.










Q: What do Fred Wilson, Jawole Willa Jo Zollar, Pepón Osorio, Sarah Jones, Steven Lubin, Angie Cruz, Daniel Hauben, and Rosalba Rolón have in common?

A: They each received early career support from the Bronx Council on the Arts.


Deirdre Scott, Executive Director

Fred Wilson, Leadership Committee

Charles Rice-González, Board Chair


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