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The Arts-In-Education Program is a local funding program that is administered by the Bronx Council on the Arts (BCA). This program is funded and supported by the Local Capacity Building Initiative of the Arts in Education Program at the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA).

The Local Capacity Building Initiative is a statewide effort to provide local support for widespread participation in arts in education. To that end, our agency was invited by NYSCA to make grants in support of partnerships between schools, arts/cultural organizations or teaching artists that focus on the integrated study of the arts and non-arts subjects.

The applicants of record for this program will be a school and either an artist or an arts/cultural organization. Individual teaching artists must have their own vendor/contract with the NYC government – BCA will not serve as conduit. Eligible projects will involve a direct collaboration between at least one classroom teacher and one teaching artist.

Funding decisions are based on NYSCA’s funding criteria and local funding priorities as outlined in these application materials. Project should take place during the academic school day with a start date no earlier than February 10, 2011.


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about the BCA Arts In Education Grants call 718-931-9500 x22.



Funds for this program encourage collaborative efforts among Bronx schools, their community partners, arts/cultural organizations and individual artists to create projects and implement programs that use the arts to increase engagement and improve academic achievement. This seed grant serves as an incentive for the development of long-term relationships among the above-mentioned interest groups to create sustainable programs that utilize the New York State Standards for the Arts, the New York City Blueprint for the Arts. We believe that the creative use of the Arts as a tool for academic engagement leads to greater achievement and a better education.

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