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Piloted in the fall of 2000, this Cultural Venture Fund was a new arts entrepreneurial model focused on identifying and developing cultural assets – the existing resources and unique qualities of individual arts organizations - to create cultural ventures that build future capacity, growth, and stability.

The CVF program philosophy guided and motivated our constituent arts groups toward making money with defined priorities, action plans, assigned responsibilities and timetables – standard measures for success. CVF proposals indicated linear progression from an organization’s assets to the earned income project, to the bottom-line (increased profits) to sustainability. Free technical assistance was a central component of CVF and contributed to the financial stability of our constituents.

Today’s arts leaders must be ready and equipped to deal with the realities of a rapidly changing world. Careful strategic planning, a desire for increased self-sufficiency and willingness to take risks are essential components of the CVF standard. CVF retained professional consultants to provide the appropriate financial, marketing and administrative guidance to develop an earned income stream.

CVF (2000) was the foundation of subsequent professional development programming at BCA. In fact the Cultural Tourism Venture Fund (2004 & 2005), the Program Infrastructure Assistance Initiative (2004), the Program Management Initiative (2004) and the larger, Bronx Arts Stabilization Fund (2005-06) were deeply rooted in the CVF asset-based philosophy.

These programs lay the ground work for new enterprise and increased tourism that directly correlates with a resurgence of public interest in the South Bronx Cultural Corridor. The success of the CVF program will continue to be measured over the next few years, as the arts groups institutionalize their new endeavors, continue to embrace contemporary business practices, and refine and expand their plans.

At this time there is no formal CVF program funding in place. For inquiries please contact: Ellen Pollan, Director of the South Bronx Cultural Corridor.

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The working lunch portion of the Cultural Tourism Roundtable Discussion event held at The Point, where our arts leaders spent time brainstorming on the challenges of cultural tourism.

Cultural Venture Fund
Five-Year Overview

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